Pebbles Heading

by Kieran White


Pebbles is my attempt at creating a Menon / TreeMenu / Director / ROX-Menu type of program launcher / file browser applet for the ROX desktop

Configuration is easy. There are no text files to edit. Copy links to your files and directories across and you are ready to go.

Pebbles is written in python and requires ROX-Lib2 and Python/XML to run. Pebbles has been tested on a number of versions of ROX-Filer from 2.4, ROX-Lib from 2.0.2 and Python/XML from 0.8.3.

Download (version 1.3.11, 16 May 2006) Logo


Screenshot 1

Main file menu
Screenshot 2

Starting from a launcher icon
Screenshot 3

Invoking Pebbles from the ROX Send To... menu

Features include:

  • Instant access to your files with menu-based directory navigation.
  • Display selected files at the click of a button by putting Pebbles into your Send To... menu.
  • Quick and easy access to ROX´s own bookmarks.
  • Displays any paths found in currently selected text in a submenu.


Geoff Youngs for his help with the icon.

ROX-Lib2's module was the basis of the code which produces an
application's info-box.